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My Jysk Journey: Marina Ivić


Kategorija: Priče iz JYSK-a

From Store Manager to Customer Service Team Leader! 

In JYSK we believe that people make a company successful, so the personal and professional development of our employees is one of our top priorities. We have a line saying: „When you grow. We grow!” which perfectly summarizes our constant actions towards development of knowledge and skills of our employees.
The story below, about the development of our colleague Marina Ivić, our Customer Service Team Leader, proves that notion.

How did your JYSK journey started, how did your first workplace in JYSK look like?

As soon as the job for Store Manager in Zagreb was posted, I immediately sent my resume, and a week after JYSK HR Department invited me to an interview. Very soon I was on an interview in front of a Retail Manager, presenting myself and my work experiences. After the interview, I was informed that I can expect the results in 10 days. I remember exactly; I came to my (previous) workplace and started working two hours after, started preparing for work, then suddenly my phone started ringing…they called me and said that JYSK chose me!

My first workplace was in store in city of Zadar, where I was on training, and after that in a store in Slavonski Brod, after which I attended my first store opening in Sisak. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all my colleagues which supported me in this period and shared their knowledge with me, as well as to Retail Manager at the time, who was the first to believe in me.

On the September 9th 2010 we have had a store opening in Dubrava, Zagreb where I was hired as Store Manager. When I first visited a store, it all looked challenging – how do you open a store, how to run a team of over ten employees, how to sell goods without previous similar experience… thousand questions in my head... but entire JYSK organization supported me completely, and very soon a thousand questions turned into one simple answer: “take it easy, you will have a chance to learn it all”.

How did your typical workday as Store Manager looked like?

Mostly we were all getting together half an hour before opening hours to have a cup of coffee and small talk, either regarding business or personal topics; we would share our experiences, make a joke or two and started our workday relaxed. After that everyone started working, and I would go through our store and make a quick check of what needs to be done in order to make our store ready for our customers. After that, I was in office filling the reports and replying to emails, while my colleagues already managed the customers and daily tasks. After my office daily routine, I joined my colleagues and spent the rest of the day with my team and our customers.

When did you know you were ready for the next step?

After finding out that our company is launching Customer Service Center and that the job for Team Leader is posted, I called my Manager and asked him what his thoughts are regarding me applying for the position. As soon as he replied that it is a job made for me, I knew I have no more doubts. I soon sent my resume to HR Department. I have had a great support not only from my Manager, but also from my family and my colleagues who believed in me and my work – thank you!

As the Customer Service Team Leader currently you are running a team of 7 people for 4 countries - Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia & Herzegovina. What are the key points for a successful and complete team?

My golden rule is: „ treat your colleagues and customers as you would wish to be treated“.
Besides that, key points are trust, cooperation and respect towards all team members.


What is your favorite part of the job, and what are your biggest challenges?

My favorite part of the job is communicating with the customers and all of my colleagues throughout the company. My biggest challenge is solving unexpected situations regarding customers, where we always strive to provide with the best service possible: to meet all customers needs as soon as possible. Luckily, I am surrounded with great colleagues and I believe that together we have already become one of the best Retailers with the best customer service possible.

Which words can you share with all the potentials in our company that haven’t reached their opportunity yet?

One of my favorite quotes might give an answer to this one:
Success doesn't happen itself, you have to fight for it. – Albert Camus

Recently you and your team have won the Best Customer Service award for phone communication with customers! What do you think was the greatest factor that made you achieve this acknowledgment?

As I mentioned before, in order to provide best service to our customers, you have to put yourself in their shoes.
Also, the success wouldn’t have happened without the team itself; their professionalism and effort to be the best solution for our customers – thank you, Biljana, Saša, Lejla, Ivana, Mariana, Aleksandar and Dario – you are the key ingredient of our success!